Saturday 18 May 2024

PWE Chronicles

 I open up the mailbag today and pull out 3 PWEs, one from the Collector, the other two coming from Crazie Joe.

The Collector's envelope had some variety to it. In the sense that there were 4 baseball cards in the flood of football content. 
2/14 content! I was fairly certain that the Clowney and Jeffery would end up as dupes but they were all new. For how I complain about designs where the border is really overpowering to the photo, I do kinda like the design used on the Ramsey and McNair. 
Bills! Bills! Bills! Love that Tasker Score card, based on the super rare position listing of "Wide Receiver - ST". 

And that's it for TC's envelope. And it is a perfect lean-in to the CJ mailers, which were both entirely Bills content.
But there were a couple that will end up in the 2/14 collection. While Jim Kelly is my favourite member of the 2/14 collection, I like adding that Lonnie Johnson entry even more since he's one of the more obscure members of the collection.
1993 Collector's Edge won the volume battle in these envelopes with these 7.5 cards. Yeah, that's a Raiders helmet in the corner on Lofton. Parrella and Patton add some obscurity to the collection. This might be the first appearance in the binder in any form for both of them, pretty uncommon for Bills from this era.
The Finest the Bills had to offer!
Score provided one of my favourite photos in the group with that Cornelius Bennett appearance. The ball popping loose behind the fumbling player gives almost a 3D look to the image. 
But it is a decidedly non-action photo from Action Packed that gets the top spot there. You don't need to have precipitation falling from the sky to make a for a great weather card. Speaking of falling, that's definitely a unique photo choice for another star player from the team. 
Game-dated base cards! 
Here's a sampling of the remainder. Even with these, this still wasn't all of the cards in the envelopes. So many new additions to the collection. With about 50 Bills cards between all 3 mailers, about 90 percent of them were new to me. 

Thanks for all these newbies to my collection, and I hope you liked the recent envelopes sent in your direction.

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