Thursday 4 January 2024

Gridiron Goodies from Michigan


Back to the latest TMM mailer, and this time, football content. Both Bills content in advance of a potential win-to-get-in game on Sunday, and some 2/14 guys.

Like with the opening card, a bunch of inserts and parallels that bring some of the better memories of the 'down' years with the team. I like the appearance of the perfectly-serviceable Kyle Orton on that Team Leaders card, since he got so few cards to commemorate that season.
Trent Edwards and JP Losman didn't really provide the best memories. But they still count as Bills alumni.
How bad were the non-playoff years when EJ Manuel wasn't even close to being the direst QB of that era?
2/14 content! The Future Franchise is shared with JR Redmond, who really didn't pan out as such, but still would help the Pats to a Super Bowl victory. And he and both Drew Bledsoe would both get a ring out of the deal, so who really cares about longevity? That Jim Kelly is a Reactive Orange parallel, bringing some loudness into this post.
In a nice little coincidence, I picked up one of the blue parallels of this card /125 at the Expo a couple months back. Combined with the non-hit base card, I'm now 1/3 of the way to a full page rainbow of this card. Which would join his 2008 Score entry as the second full page rainbow of his, and the third overall alongside a Platinum of Ehlers. 

Do not flood me with parallels of this card.

There you have it!

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