Tuesday 9 January 2024

The Newest 2/14 Faces

 4 new names in the collection!

My first Doctor Who card! The 2/14er in this photo is Mark Eden, who played Marco Polo in this lost episode of the show. He's probably the only one in the collection for whom the on-screen death of another one of his characters got a plaque commemorating the location where the demise was filmed.

Unfortunately, there aren't any Coronation Street cards.

I checked.

How do I follow that up? With a minor leaguer that only got a couple cards? Well, I can point out that he had a teammate in Yakima who was also a 2/14 baby. Nolberto(n?) was one year younger than his teammate, though. I wonder if they knew.

I'll end with a pair of autos of guys who do appear eligible for the draft in 2024. I'll admit to having zero clue as to MLB draft eligibility. I do know that Karson transferred from the University of Miami to Mississippi State this past off season. 
Drew Beam is the second pitcher to make a collection debut with an autograph. He now pitches for the University of Tennessee. One of the two things that come up when you search for information about him is his reasoning for wearing a purple glove, so naturally, you can't see that in this photo.

There you have it!

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