Friday 5 January 2024

4 Sports. 1 Sportlots Envelope.

 Another 4 pack from sportlots today, and 4 different sports getting a nod here.

I'll attack it alphabetically, and that means I have to go all the way to the Gs with this. Chad only played 2 NBA games and never got a card out of his time there, so all he has is a handful of collegiate cards. One of which has this horribly unflattering photo on it. He doesn't even have the pleasure of having himself coming up when you google search his name. Instead, you get this article.
While seeing an obvious training camp/practice photo isn't a surprise on modern cards, especially for a rookie in an early season release. This isn't that. Mark Stepnoski was a veteran by this point. It isn't even a traded card - he spent the previous season in Tennessee. So I'm not sure how they settled on this, but for the uniqueness thereof, I'm glad someone did.
Long live cards with very, very questionable licensing. The way Darryl's hands are positioned, it looks like some company trying to keep the airbrushing to a minimum. But they had the full hat logo, and the team name on the reverse. Good work, I guess, to Pacific Cards and Comics for getting away with it back in 1989! 
Brian Hayward may have used the shark devouring a player's face first, and Jimmy Waite continued the tradition. A good movie deserves a good sequel, right?

And there you have it!


  1. What an odd photo for gilt edge

  2. The Jimmy Waite card is fantastic, as a lot of early Sharks cards are.

    If it wasn't for the football helmet I'd have thought Stepnoski was a Power Ranger or something.

  3. I remember paying full price for that 1991 Star Pics set. Gotta remember the bad times with the good, I guess.