Wednesday 8 February 2023

Mailbag: Raptors Goodies

 I'm returning to the Too Many Verlanders mailer today, and today, the basketball goodies that don't feature 2/14 babies show up.

Let's throwback to the earlier days of the team, both in terms of a card from that time period, and a card that flashes back to that time. Any appearance of the classic dino jerseys is a fun time.

Shiny parallels! 

Bruno Caboclo never developed into the Brazilian Kevin Durant, and was eternally two years away from being two years away. But his cards still have his charm in the collection, and one can't really expect every late pick in the first round to develop into a Siakam. 
If it weren't for that game used letter of Alfredsson in this mailer, this would be the game-used highlight of the package. While that's obviously a Knicks swatch used on this card, and I'm not overly certain where it comes from on their jersey (the lack of orange is throwing me off), but it really does look like the type of swatch that should accompany a card in a release called National Treasures.
The Toronto Raptors' king in this post is Norman Powell, a perfectly solid member of their championship team. He's shown here on a magenta plate of his 20-21 Optic card, although this item itself is so much thicker than a full pack of Optic this has to have been inserted in a National Treasures release. He was probably already in Portland (or maybe even Los Angeles) by the time these could be pack-pulled.

And here's a signature of Powell. I would think an insert set would describe more along the lines of a lay-up or dunking photo versus a jump shot, but at least his feet do appear to be off the ground, which isn't always a guarantee in these. I've added the tie-dye parallel of this earlier from Panini Points. Collect the rainbow! 

There you have it!

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