Sunday 5 February 2023

2/14s from COMC - Part 2

 After yesterday's post only football (both gridiron and pitch) and hockey remain.

Throwback uniforms are a wonderful way to start any post, even though it forces me to admit that I didn't have this card in my collection already. Which was a mistake I rectified as soon as I realized this card existed.
Even if the options are limited to cards commemorating his time with the Patriots, I'm still really happy to see Drew Bledsoe making more frequent appearances in sets. Still, how about a Bills card, or even a Cowboys card for some variety?

It might be parallels, but Jadeveon Clowney was the only NFLer in the box to make multiple appearances. 

My complete lack of knowledge of soccer has me grouping all three of these guys together. All 3 of them can be found in recent World Cup releases, so there are plenty of chances for me to add more of them to the collection. Cavani is currently the leader of the soccer portion of the collection with a whopping 6 cards. 
I can't recall if I traded my way to this on e-pack, or just picked it up via COMC. Given that it is available for 35 cents at the latter, probably that. But I'll never discount my willingness to do something stupid with my money.
Yesterday, Len Gabrielson was the biggest addition with 5 cards, but thanks to the 'cheap because of e-packs' quality of these, it is very easy to stock up on the Ehlers stuff for the collection. 

Also, these 6 cards push me pass the 3500 total overall in the collection with my 2/14 collection now at 3505 total cards across all genres. I doubt I'll reach the 4000 total by next year unless someone drops an absolute bomb worth of soccer cards on me, but maybe I can set a realistic goal of reaching that total before my years on the planet reach 50. 

That's feasible, right?


  1. I bet that Bledsoe looks really nice in shiny prizm colors.

    It's so tough to resist picking up cheapo hockey singles on COMC isn't it? Sure, we could grab a good $3 card. Orr we could sweep up a near-dozen inserts and parallels.

    You can definitely acquire 500 soccer cards for your 2/14 collection sooner than that. How many players have a 2/14 birthday? Fifty?