Saturday 25 February 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 6 - Hit Repack Battle


I picked up a pair of these in my most recent incoming repack shipment. I'm just as likely to get similar hits from a couple hobby packs, so why not just cut to the chase? Despite what it says on the outside, both of these contained only 2 relics and an autograph. They also had something else in common - each had one 'event worn' relic, and one that was listed as 'game worn'. That makes for a perfect comparison!


While Sam Bradford easily has this battle won in terms of their NFL career, the fact that I was immediately able to set aside that Darboh for my next mailer to Ann Arbor gives that card the edge. It also does have a few more little nods that the Bradford doesn't - the size of the swatch and coming from a higher-end release.

Game worn:
Here's another one where all of the NFL factors definitely put things in direction of one player, but there is one intangible that switches things over. Vince Young had himself a very solid career, and is still appearing in the legends portion of base-heavy sets today. Jake Locker had problems staying healthy, and the amazement of that jersey swatch actually coming from a game-worn one is mind-blowing enough to give this one a nod in the battle of Titans QBs wearing #10. 

The autograph:

Another same-team battle. I've heard of Stedman Bailey, probably because he appeared so frequently in 2013 releases. This card might be the first I've heard of Keith Null. But he did appear in 4 games for the Rams in 2009, winning as many games over that period as I have. But even if he'd gone 4-0 as opposed to 0-4, it would hard to compete with an on-card, acetate autograph done in a less common ink colour. This card had varying colours for the autographs, but I don't really know which was the rarest. 

So, with  2-1 lead, the first repack wins!

There you have it!

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