Thursday 9 February 2023

COMC: Raptors Goodies

 Another Raptors post! And there's yet another one to come next time. Today, it is a handful of cards that I personally selected from COMC.

First up, here's a card commemorating a specific game, a record-setting one as well. In the game listed, Fred VanVleet put up 54 points. That is not-only the Raptors one-game scoring record, but also the record for the most points in one game by an undrafted player. The court paint job also matches the scheme used in Orlando that night, so good for Panini for seemingly using a photo from that game. 
The extent of DJ Wilson's Raptors experience was 4 games. The chances of there being a Raptors card of his are nil. So, in my effort to get at least one card of someone who played at least one game for the Raptors instead is this card that won't be making its way to Ann Arbor.
Armoni Brooks played in 13 games for the Raptors. He actually debuted with Houston the previous season, but didn't get any cards until last season, some with Houston, some with Toronto, most of which are autographed. If someone is going to debut in my binders, it might as well be with a hit.
As always, post-Raptors Kawhi cards are always welcome, especially when they feature the pair of trophies. But since any of them will likely feature some sort of mention of their run to the championship, any of them will do. Long live the memories!

4 cards only this time, but there you have it! 

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