Saturday 31 December 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 41 - No Better Way to End a Year


A repack is a perfect way to end a year of posting.
Mets content! And a Deion Sanders rookie card, in either sport, would have been a nice pull back in 1990 as opposed to repack content 30+ years later. 
Not much work to get to the hit. Although I have absolutely no memories of Bud Smith, but he does have a no-hitter to his credit over his short MLB career. And I get a Cardinals hit that I can include whenever I send my next mailer to Portland. 
We're all over the place now with sets, and really, that's what I want to see from a repack. Especially when the only junk wax era card in this portion still provides an interesting photo. Bartolo Colon is always welcome, and there's some minor league fun, even if the base design is more suited to an autographed parallel. Also: Pirates black and yellow! 
Even if it made for some odd looks, the silhouette on 2004 flagship was one of my favourite little features on cards. It is right up there with incorporating the team cap into the design. Diamond King action from the Dick Perez era and the gawdy backgrounds add another fun card to my misc. collection. Even if picking a King coming off the 0-21 starting 1988 Orioles had to be tough.
Start with Heritage! End with Heritage! 

Definitely an enjoyable end to the year! 


  1. Some cool cards in this one, including the Reggie Ring of Honor, Pedro '04, and Big Sexy as an Expo. Like the '82 Donruss Pirates card and Lofton, too.

    Happy New Year!