Sunday 18 December 2022

2022 Chronicles Baseball Box Break #2 - Packs 4 through 6

What else does this have?

Pack #4:

Trout. Ohtani. Judge. There's definitely some good veteran star power in this one. Strangely, when I got randomed the Nats during a group break, I did get a /10 parallel of that Adams, but not the base version. Essentials deviating from the usual form in with basketball and using the same photo on the front is kinda disappointing. 
Here's auto #2 for the box. He went a miserable 2-10 this past season. This is where I point out that Corbin Burnes also had pretty horrid early numbers for Milwaukee as well when his autos were all over releases. And I will also point out that his uncle Andy has a far nicer auto.

Pack 5:
Red uniform mojo! If they hadn't used B&W photos for the Titan, I'd go 6 for 7.
Or 7 for 8. Lucky me, not only is this card shiny, but this appears to be peeling on the edges. Next!

Pack 6:
Much like with the Adams, I landed a parallel of that Megill in a group break, in that case, the auto'ed version, but not the base card. Until this box. The Shane Baz was a dupe from a random where I landed the Rays, but not that particular Wander Franco. Both boxes managed to provide be with a Franco that I didn't get in the random. 
My final shiny parallel.
And my final hit brings in some more swatches to go alongside another on-card autograph. I like this a little better than the Crouse since it features more of a known quantity of a player, even if Mullins had somewhat of a step down this past season than from 2021. I'm not certain which specific parallel this is, although seeing it come in with /25 and being from Spectra would probably mean that this one is 'Meta'. There might not be a killer patch, but orange/black is always a nice combination to see on an Orioles card. And it is impossible to trace them to a specific patch that appeared on a uniform 20 years before the player debuted.

And that's two boxes! I still have one more to go (not counting random retail pickups) with a randomizer that landed me a Mountain Time Zone (sometimes) combo pack.

There you have it!

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