Monday 12 December 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 39 - Surprising Football


Let's pull one of these out of the ol' repack box!
And here is the contents!

Clock-wise from the top left, I'm starting with the 8000 yard rusher pack. I like the two Arizona Cardinals cards, since they feature two players that you don't first associate with their time with Arizona. And they decide to make that even more obvious with there being a Dallas card of Smith as well.
Yup. These are from the 90's pack, with there being cards from 2017 and 2006 in this bunch. Maybe this was supposed to be one of those 12-card miscellaneous packs instead. It is fun to see the two contrasting Tampa uniforms back-to-back. Creamsicle! And a Bills card too! 
Here's another card from outside the 90s! If I remember correctly, those Black Gold cards, like the Kelvin Martin, were send-away prizes. That's enough to make it the least-expected card to show up in this repack. Sportflics! Kicker card! CFL alum! Forget the inaccuracy of the header card, this was a really fun grouping of cards!
This was an accurate description, as all of these cards are 2010s. Kurt Warner manages to continue the "Oh yes, he played for Arizona" vibe. Despite playing more games there than with the Rams, I still think of him first for his time with the Greatest Show on Turf. That's a rookie-year card of Watkins, so naturally, that does count as a Bills card. And Bumblebee unis! YES!
First card out of the UD pack brings some OL love, such a  rarity in modern packs. The Rod Woodson greatness continues. It might be a challenge to outdo bumblebee uniforms, but an appearance of a Terrible Towel on cardboard does so. Easily. And I would love for drawn team checklist cards to return. Even if there aren't many opportunities. Perhaps O-Pee-Chee hockey?
Bonus card! WOO-HOO! I needed the Rams checklist card to complete the Jim Everett 1991 UD run.  I like how the pack stated and ended with positions rarely seen in 2022 packs. From the OL to the Special Teams. The Williams and Toon hit one of my favourite photo elements on any cards (except basketball, where they are common), the featured player without their feet touching the ground.
Again, the header card is inaccurate. I guess a 2000's pack can mean from a decade other than the 2000s as part of the millennium, but that generally isn't what is meant by these. Either way, that Curtis Martin is from 1999, so it remains inaccurate.

It may not have been the most accurate repack, but every portion of produced at least one interesting card or element. So that's a worthy break!

There you have it!


  1. Definitely some interesting cards there, and it included the late Eric Turner, who was taken way too young.

    I wish Warner would have won his Arizona Super Bowl.

  2. Nice variety here. Do you have any more 2015 Panini Prizm singles?