Wednesday 7 December 2022

Chronicling Jays

More 'team select' group break fun, and a bunch of Blue Jays! Or 'Toronto Baseball Club'.
Given how rookie-centric this set can be, I am a little surprised to see that I did end up with a nice number of Vlads in this break.
Since there is a fact on the back of the card, of course I have to show it off!
As for the rest of the base set, they were a little more rookie centric, with Otto Lopez being the most common of the remainder. But why does Marcus Semien still get listed with Toronto on a late season entry? Even the text on the back of the card mentions he's now with Texas. I guess that's a error in my favour and my team collection's favour. As for Nick Allgeyer, he's pitched 1 inning in the majors, and it was in 2021. It was a 3-up, 3-down inning, so that's still more than I will ever accomplish on the diamond.
Off to the parallels! And here's some shininess!
The oddness of Marcus Semien still being with the Jays extends through the parallels as well. And in another bit of strangeness, there's no colour consistency either. This purple is /99.
While these are  /25. I'm not too sure why they didn't make the Limited parallels more obvious as such by adding some to the background instead of just the foil. But here, you can more easily see how perfectly the bat aligns with the design, in comparison to my 6-card scan above. Looking at other scans, it seems Chas McCormick is similarly fortunate. 
All Blue Jays relics should ideally be blue. I'll make an exception for Canada Day reds. Speaking of red, this is a red parallel, where the only way of telling is by the foil of the team city. 
And what goes better with a blue swatch that a second swatch with a nice thicker piece of material AND an on-card autograph? Maybe a photo that matches the swatch used? 

I'm nitpicking.

These are some really fun cards.

There you have it!

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