Sunday 1 January 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 1 - No Better Way to Start a Year

And the first repack of the year!

If I end the year with a 20+hit repack, I'll start with the same type. Both the Wizards and Nuggets, two of Thomas' numerous short-term stops at the end of his career.

Revolution adds some shininess to the first batch, while combined with the unflattering photo of Iuzzolino and a hideous Cavs jersey to make it a very repack grouping of cards.
Terence Stansbury's entry provides the most obscure jersey of the repack. With the card being from 91-92, that seems to be a Maccabi Brussels uniform.
Lots of work to get to the repack's hit. Even if it isn't a home game, I automatically scan the crowd on a Mark Jackson card looking for any unpleasant cameos. Maybe Whitey Bulger was taking in a game. It looks Sacramento wasn't that much of a draw as opposition in 1996/97.

Here's that hit. Robinson was a lottery pick in 2018, but seems to be out of the league already. Ouch. 
Charles Davis might provide the most interesting photo of the repack. Davis isn't centered, but the hoop is for the photo. Ike Williams' photo is the most easily game-dated of the bunch. The banner traces it to the 1993 NCAA tourney first round, and Williams' New Mexico Lobos were one and done in the first round to George Washington, so that game is the only one it can come from. 
Not the most interesting end, but all repacks must end. 

There you have it!

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