Wednesday 25 January 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 3 - Hanging Packs


Repacked packs! There were several options available, but I had to go for the one with Topps UK as the visible pack for the obscurity factor.

I wasn't expecting anything other than base cards in that pack, so I guess I can't claim to be disappointed. It was just a coincidence that the great Tyler Stephenson "bubble" card ended up in the center spot. A diving catch, cardboard fans, and outfield ivy make this a solid photographic pack at least. That Corey Seager is already set aside for a future mailer to Watertown. 

And the A&G pack. Typical Ginter, with only one of the cards featuring an active MLBer. I'd be really happy to have received that Carter card in this, only I had a second copy waiting to be shown off in my "COMC To-Be-Posted" box. OOPS! But that means one of them can be mailed out to a Jays fan in another future outgoing mail. 

But at least each pack had some interesting stuff in it, and that's all I ask for!

There you have it!


  1. Topps UK...didn't know those even existed. Just the packaging is different?

    1. Oh, never mind. I see the little UK flags on the cards.

  2. Woo! ... I miss repacks. Please come back to the stores!