Thursday 26 January 2023

Mailbag: And Worthy of a One-card Post

 The first big mailbag of the year has shown up, and as expected from a mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders, it was an all-over the place mailer. I was warned that I might have to pay customs fees on this, as there was a card in there that put things a little higher than a usual one.

And I'm guessing this one was the one:

A game-used nameplate letter? Yup, that's definitely going to be one of the more unique items in the ol' Alfie binder. This is listed as 10/10, but since that's the only N in his name, I feel fairly safe calling this one a 1/1. This is the only my second game-worn nameplate card in the collection, joining a Genuine Letters of Patrice Bergeron that I pulled from 12-13 Prime. 

He might not be photographically featured on the front, but he is on the back!

Aside from some of the autos in the binders this quickly has entered the top tier of Alfie cards! 

Thanks for this beauty, and there are certainly more to come!