Thursday 22 September 2022

Randomed Saints

 And the other team from the random.

Your base cards. Not as numerous as the Colts representation, but seeing McAllister among the Legends portion of the set was, like with Dallas Clark and the Colts, a pleasant little surprise.  And the rookie available here is a first rounder. But it doesn't bode well for Panini's confidence in Winston that their QB doesn't appear here.
But there's parallels available, such as this orange.
Or this 'Premium Bronze Mini', where there are only 75 out there.
Some inserts. I really like the 'Early days of Colour TV' vibe from For The Ages. It really feels like something that could appear in a Heritage-ish release.
I guess I got the autograph most people want to see come out of this product. This shiny blue beauty is numbered to /35 as well. And there's the benefit of this being released late enough that Panini was able to use the drafting team's logo on the card, even if it is tiny. The penmanship may not be precise, but at least it is more than just the initials. Always a plus!

There you have it!

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