Friday 23 September 2022

Mailbag! 2-14 content!

 Today, I open up the mailbag, and a bubbler that showed up recently from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams/Verlanders. This mailer can be split into three categories: 2/14 content, The Bills, and Misc. Baseball. My fellow birthday boys get the spotlight today.

This post would be exclusively football if not for this addition. I'd sent feelers out to some of my stateside trading partners that if they were looking for something not too costly to add into a mailer, that any cards of Jaden Shackelford would do. He made several appearances in unlicensed NCAA themed releases this past spring. Although undrafted, he is with Oklahoma City now, which gives a possibility of more chances to add him to the collection. Although for now, 1 will do.
Football the rest of the way home. The remainder of the Bills content will appear shortly in another post, but Jim Kelly content usually makes the first appearance in the 2/14 binder, while dupes are moved into the Bills collection. 
The only other 1-and-done football card is Jared Lorenzen, with the late QB appearing on a Copper parallel. Like the gold parallels in baseball, these are numbered to the year of release, in this case 2007.
Another departed QB gets the next spot. The upper left card is a silly issue that compared McNair to Captain America. The one next to it is a draft-themed card, that ends up being almost as far from reality as the CA card, since he shares that one with Heath Shuler. There's only one numbered card in this group - the shiny Bowman refractor is /500.
In comparison, all of these are numbered cards. Clockwise from the top left, they come in at /2002, /89, /125, 1700 and /2002. I like the variety here with the Tulane Green Wave card, and the throwback Washington uniform. 
And here is the volume winner - Drew Bledsoe gets 6 cards. Only the Widescreen insert is numbered, but we do have nice variety. NFL and NCAA. Cards from during his career and post-career. Variety is the spice of life!

Thanks for all these goodies, Dennis, and if I forget to add thanks in future posts, thanks for those as well!

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