Wednesday 28 September 2022

Mailbag! Bills! Bills! Bills!

 Back to the TMM/V mailer again, and the Buffalo portion of this.

There is some logic to my leading with this Jake Fromm card. Not only is it from my beloved Chronicles, it was the only Bills card in this post that wasn't either a numbered card or a hit.
Jake has something in common with both Tim Hasselbeck and Dominic Rhodes. They all appeared in a grand total of zero games for the Bills, but still got cards where they were listed with the team. 
We finally get to guys who actually suited up for the Bills and made into games. Trent avoids the Top 3 list of the most regrettable post-Jim Kelly QBs thanks to Peterman, Losman and Johnson, but he still made into games. Peerless Price, I had no complaints about, and it was one of the better names in team history. And he had two stints with team, starting and ending his NFL career with the team.
If swatches are your thing, here's a couple that were supposedly game-worn by Willis McGahee. The Certified is /100, with the Limited being /75. so at least they've got that going for them even if this was a jersey he might only have worn during a practice.
Dennis joked about this mailer turning me into an E.J. Manuel super collector, and it certainly did with this page/scanner bed worth of goodness. All the swatches are of the event-worn or used variety but everything still looks nice with all the jerseys featuring a consistent blue. Then add a football piece and a sticker autograph, and the E.J. content in the hit portion probably doubled thanks to this mailing. Sure, he might be like Trent Edwards in that he stays out of the bottom-3 Bills QBs thanks to others' incompetence, but that doesn't mean I don't want hits of his. The same applies to any Bills alum, no matter how sad their play was.

There you have it!

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