Monday 5 September 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 29.1 - Forgotten, but not Gone

Another one of these repacks that I bought back in 2015-ish, and never got around to posting at the time. Being the completist type, I have to post these. I was going to do the basketball one, but with the NFL kicking off on Thursday, I'm doing the football one instead. 100 cards = 4 25 card posts.

Interesting that the first visible card from 2009 is of a player that is still active in 2022. And still a star. 
Those Sage Hit cards were the most recent ones in the repack. I guess the Sammy Watkins does count as a Bills card for my collection, since he was set to debut for them by this point. It is a little hard to tell, but that Matt Bahr is one of those embossed Action-Packed cards. Coach card! And it is noted anti-littering enthusiast Sam Wyche! 
Now there's a more direct Bills card! This repack was actually pretty good on the whole for Bills content. Kicker card! And I wouldn't mind seeing Impressions make an appearance, like other Pacific sets such as Omega and Vanguard, as part of  a Chronicles insert set.
Even more Bills content. The Talley ended up being the only Bills card in the whole repack that ended up as a dupe. I like that percentage! 

There you have it!


  1. Did pretty well on star content!

  2. Shame Leon Seals didnt go to Ohio State. Would have made that card perfect.