Tuesday 13 September 2022

Football Finale

 The final football post for the time being is yet another pack of Chronicles. I opted for the draft version over the NFL version because of more variety of designs.

And here's your opener. Williams was a first round pick of the Lions, and that's going to be a theme in this pack recap.
Here's some nice veteran content, and there's certainly a Pacific Northwest feel to a couple of these cards. Sam Howell went to Washington in the 5th round, and will probably see some action when Carson Wentz gets injured. Justyn Ross is in Kansas City.
Only one Bronze parallel in this pack, and it is of a QB that will probably see action as well, albeit for Atlanta, as the season progresses. 
Switching to the foil portion of this, it becomes a Detroit Lions hot pack. Those 2 cards of Hutchinson are bound for Ann Arbor shortly, and Williams returns for a second appearance. McBride is the odd man out here, being a Cardinals pick.
While this pack promised more variety in terms of designs, it really didn't do so for actual players, with there being yet another repeat player. But these exclusive-to-hanger-pack designs do look much nicer together when there's a variety of colour on the borders. That Herbert is already put aside for a future mailer. Chris Olaye went to the Saints in the first round, and you'll be seeing him again when I show off some cards from a random break of Legacy. Jahan Dotson, also a first rounder, but to Washington, makes a case for this being a Commanders hot pack as well, as that's their 3rd card.

There you have it!

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  1. One design per card? That's why too much for me! Thanks for showing off the cards!