Saturday 23 July 2022

Change of Plans

 I was originally planning to recap my 3 boxes of 2021 Upper Deck CFL in todays post.

But considering these are hitting the market over a month into the 2022 season, they can afford to wait one more day. 

During the Blue Jays/Red Sox beatdown last night, there were several graphics on screen showing the biggest such blowout, the 30-3 Texas/Baltimore game. I remembered that Wes Littleton pitched 3 innings for the Rangers, and managed to get credited with the save.

And that I also had an autograph of Littleton around somewhere that I got from COMC at some point just because of that quirky appearance.

And here it is!

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  1. OMG - You are right - the 2021 cards were just released on 7/20/22 - The CFL is 8 games into the 2022 season. Does not appear to be short prints which is a good thing