Friday 22 July 2022

Bucco Bruce is METAL


And even if he didn't use all the available space, this autograph is pretty nice too. Dexter Manley might be better known for his time in Washington, so it is interesting to see him make an appearance with an unexpected team. Much like with Maxie Miner on old-school Denver Nuggets' player cards, that's always a fun logo to see. I like that this card scanned so much better than the scan over at COMC. So bright! The scanner I've been using throughout my blog's life comes through again!

The card is /27, since this is a Cobalt parallel, and since that's Cobalt's atomic number. Sometimes it is the little things. 

There you have it!


  1. Panini's colorful metal cards look so cool! I think UD has done some as well?

  2. Nice card and autograph, but he'll always be an Ottawa Rough Rider to me! :D

  3. That line stretching off of the auto and onto the picture is interesting. Certainly makes it easy to see that it isn't a sticker auto!