Saturday 9 July 2022


I really should check one of these days to see how many autographs of Hall of Famers are in the hockey collection. Whatever the number now, it will go up by '1' when Daniel Alfredsson is inducted this fall. 

But of  those HOF autos, I'm guessing that this is my first one of a 'Builder'.

Despite being a photo from his playing career, Emile Francis is in the HOF in the Builders category. He'd be a longtime coach and general manager for the Rangers and Blues, and was also a Whalers GM. And he added a nickname to his auto, which is always a bonus, especially with limited sticker space. Francis would pass away earlier this year at age 95, but he was still alive when I added this card to my COMC inventory about a year and a half ago.

Nothing like promptness in my posting!

There you have it! 

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