Tuesday 26 January 2021

Bills! Bills! Bills!

Day #2 with cards from the latest COMC shipment, and this time, it is Bills content.
This was the only Bills card in this (2/14 content notwithstanding) that wasn't either an autographed or numbered card. With apologies to a collector of Michigan Wolverines alum, I'm keeping this as my only Mark Campbell content in the team collection. I think Euhus has made my previous appearances.
Here's a nice bunch of /2013 numbered Bills cards from 2013 Topps. I remember hunting down ebay misspelled cards for EJ ManuAl when he was the QB of the future. Good times.
Ross was a 4th rounder in 2014 out of Duke., He only lasted one season in Buffalo before being released, but is still in the league and has a chance at a Super Bowl ring 2 weeks from now as a member of the Bucs.

I'm not sure how to parse Jaquan Johnson out of that signature. I guess those are supposed to be Js, even if they look like pretzels. He was a 6th rounder in 2019, and remains on the team.
Tyrel Dodson was undrafted, but signed with the Bills after the draft. And then he got a domestic violence charge. But he was back with the team post-suspension, and after time on the practice squad saw some action this season. I'd forgotten about the charges and subsequent plea deal when I added this card. Serves me right for being a completist. 

Here's a draft pick from this year - and he's actually got some pretty decent penmanship for a 2020 rookie, even if he probably needs to plan better to get the rest of the name on the sticker. Dane Jackson is the 5th of the 2020 rookie class to join by collection with an auto. 1 more is on the way, and at this point, AJ Epenesa, their top pick, is the only one I will lack.

Tyrod Taylor, with his rather conservative style, was enough to lead the Bills to their first playoff appearance since the Music City Miracle. That still wasn't enough for the Peterman experiment to blow up in their faces against the Chargers. He deserved at least one autograph in my collection, and it might as well be an on-card autograph, complete with a nice photograph highlighting his rushing skills.
Maybe I should have open with that Taylor autograph, then I could have players with the initials TT sandwich all the others in this post. This buyback autograph comes out of 2018 Classics, one of my favourite football releases in recent memory. (It's the pennant design for the base). Much of the buyback set was on-card autographs from 2017 rookies. Does a card you just happened to have around the store really count as a buyback? But that doesn't matter, as this definitely does, with a the slant of his leg allowing for a perfectly-placed auto of the Bills legend. 

And there you have it!

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