Saturday 30 January 2021

Any Port in a Storm

To say the retail shelves were threadbare would be an understatement. The card section at Wally World had nothing there. Not even any gaming cards. Fortunately for myself, there were a few hanger options near the check-out area. They had hanger packs of 20-21 UD Series 1, but since I'd put together the 1-200 base set, that wasn't really interesting. So, it was this. I guess I had the chance at a card of top Raptors pick Malachi Flynn.

Who didn't appear.

But it was a pretty good card for adding cards of some lottery picks. It might be a year too late, but here's a card of a Pelicans top draft pick with the Lewis. The Raptors drafted a Jalen as well with the 59th pick, but Jalen Smith went a little earlier, with the 10th pick to the Suns. The Crusade is a subset, not an insert set here, and Hayes was the highest pick among the base cards, 7th overall to the Pistons.

Prizm means parallels. For these packs, it is pink cracked ice parallels that one would find. We've got the highest and lowest picks from the pack with these two. Okoro was the 5th overall pick of Cleveland, with Achiuwa being the 20th selection by Miami. That might be my favourite of the pack, since I really like how the blue of the uniform and the team colours work with the pink.

And there you have it! I guess I'll have to order some repacks from the source to get some retail.

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