Sunday 3 January 2021

A Rangers Roundup

I'll stay with my most-recent COMC to-be-posted for yet another post, with the Kitchener Rangers alumni getting the spotlight this time.

And vintage is always a nice way to start a post. As great as the 1971 design is, (and remains) the greatness of the front will not even come close to the greatness of the back.

Not only do you have a cartoon (and an off-season job that probably makes teams glad players don't have off-season jobs any more) but you have a pronunciation guide in the write-up. A pronunciation guide that uses a different wording for French and English. Amazing!

If a more recent card is your preference, here's one from 08-09 Artifacts. It isn't wood grain, but the colouring makes me think of the Bobby Orr auto I posted on the 1st.

Do stickers count towards the collection? Of course! The peel portion comes off in the shape of the NHL shield, and part of the a future stars from the Campbell Conference page. Bellows is easily the cream of that crop that included names like Ed Beers, Frank Nigro and Jaroslav Pouzar. The Wales had Guy Carbonneau and Scott Stevens on their list.

This is about as recent as this post will get, with this Calder Contenders card of Scott Timmins. He played 24 games for the Panthers, and has been in Europe since 2016.

And one card deserves another, accompanied by an autograph. Pretty basic, but at least it is on-card and includes the number. As a bonus, it's my first Timmins hit.

And there you have it!


  1. That 71 Walt Tkaczuk card is awesome! I need to look into grabbing some cards from that set at some point.

  2. I love the 1971-72 hockey card design with the team name written in cartoon/balloon letters.