Friday 1 January 2021

A Big Start to The New Year

You might remember when I posted the Tom Seaver autograph and the Brandon Sutter manu-nameplate as the cards I picked up at COMC when I sold an inscribed SPA auto of Nick Suzuki there.

I didn't quite show everything off that date.

There was still one more big card I grabbed. It wasn't really a PC item, but it was a card that I'd wanted to add for quite a while. Not so much this specific card, but one of these:

Out of 18-19 Engrained, this is my first (probably only) Bobby Orr autograph in my collection. The set had a wood grain feel to it, but it is flat on the autograph portion to make for a nice clean signature. I love the extreme leftward slant of his southpaw signature. Somewhat surprisingly when I looked at the checklist, Orr, along with Mike Modano and Rod Brind'amour, were Group C autos, the most common in the legends portion of this subset, falling 1:22 packs/boxes, with the legends overall being 1:12. Despite being a higher-end set, that's far more common I'd expect for an Orr auto.

But there being more available than you'd expect is a good problem to have when it comes to adding a wanted auto to the collection.

Quite the start to the year!


  1. I'm not a hockey collector, but that is a very nice card!

  2. Sweet Orr. A few years ago I tracked down an Orr autograph too. My hockey card collection felt incomplete without one. Happy New Year!

  3. Phenomenal pick-up there. That's one of those hockey cards that crowns a collection.

  4. DUDE! Nice pick-up! Orr is one of those legendary autographs that has always eluded me. Congrats, and great choice!