Saturday 15 August 2020

Sens-ational Additions


After a one day break, I'm back to the COMC box, and covering the Senators content in the mailer. I'm leading with this card since it is the only one in the shipment that wasn't connected to e-packs in some way. Fountain played in 2 games over 2 seasons for the Sens, but he still counts towards the 'every Sen with a card' ever.
I guess Game Dated Moments cards count towards e-pack content. Ottawa's season was so amazing that they earned one card all season in this set. This commemorates Bobby Ryan's return to the team after taking time off for personal issues and picking up a hat trick in his first home game back.
Cheap Series 1 parallels and inserts!
Cheap Parkhurst! 
Cheap Synergy! I think I paid less for the past 3 groupings of cards than I did for the GDM of Ryan.
And let's throw in a cheap relic for good measure. It might be a bland one-colour swatch, but at least it can be traced to a specific event.

And there you have it!

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