Thursday 12 March 2020

My Staggering Incompetence aka 2 Packs of 2020 Donruss

My original plans for today was to recap a trade package from Night Owl. I scanned the cards, moved them to the binders, then promptly deleted the scans before posting them. If I had a reasonable method of binder storage other than 'first available slot in the page', I'd be able to recover something. I don't.

So, thanks for the cards, N.O., especially the older Bills cards. I hope you liked the little package I sent in your direction last week.
So, here's a couple packs of Donruss. I grabbed two, as opposed to Heritage's one, because I figured I'm less likely to see this in the wild.

Pack 1:
It looks like Juan Soto is my first Donruss card of the year. For a lower end set, this pack had a lot of non-base cards. There's a blue parallel, a variation, and an abrasively loud insert /999. I do like the 1986 vibe from the Diamond Kings, though.

Pack 2:
And again with pack #2, only 5 base cards in the bunch. The Kirby Puckett is also a variation (and if they come every pack, are they really that special?), but at least I got my first Ryu with Toronto card.

And that's it. I know I'll have some more when my Mets arrive from a group break, but that's all for now.

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  1. Got an envelope from you yesterday. ... lol on that Ryu.