Tuesday 19 November 2019

Chronicles Box Break - Part 1

While the singles really weren't there as much so as some years, there was seemingly more baseball wax on the floor. With my personal favourite, Chronicles, being one of the boxes available, I had to take a chance with that. Here's what it contained:

Pack 1:
I enjoy this product for the same reason I enjoyed busting Rookie Anthology. Variety! Only the Reynolds card is a base card. All the rest are insert sets featuring various designs. The Rated Rookie is an update of sorts for Donruss.
And here's the first of the hits, getting the relic in the first pack. I'm somewhat disappointed that a gold parallel, numbered /25 only contains a single colour swatch. 

Pack 2:
A killer pack for rookies. Eloy! Tatis! Vlad!
And let's throw in an appearance of the Polar Bear as well. To make this rookie intensive pack even better, this Red Mosaic Spectra Pete is numbered to an ebay 1/1 friendly 01/25! What a keeper! And this isn't even close to the best card in the box.

Pack 3:
This box has been a hot box for Kyle Tucker so far, as he makes his third appearance so far. Other than that, there's a big head of Mike Trout from Score.  
Here's another numbered parallel, done in a red that works nicely with the Padres colours. Unlike the Spectra, this ruby wave is /199. 
Auto #1. I had no clue who Justin Williams was. He got 1 AB with Tampa in 2018, then went to the Cardinals as part of the Tommy Pham trade. He was all over 2013/4 Bowman releases after being a second rounder of the Diamondbacks. 

There's three packs worth of Chronicles. The next 3 show up tomorrow, with another contender for my best pull this year.

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