Wednesday 27 March 2019

Mailbag: Shoebox Legends

Back to the ol' mailbag for a bit, and a package that showed up from Shane @ Shoebox Legends last week.
To open up, here's what is probably the first buyback in my 2/14 collection. I'm really surprised it took me this long to add one of these to the collection, but not surprised on the source of it.
Since I'm building the Heritage base set this season, any assistance in knocking off SPs is very appreciated. Here's two more that dropped off the list. With the assistance of COMC, and my jumping on any SPs that drop below the $2 mark, I'm already less than 30 SPs away from that.
Random Mets, Jays and Expos content!

And now, the main event!
2001 Parkhurst autographs! Mike Bossy leads the way here. The good thing about these being autographs of retired legends is that the penmanship is stellar, as expected.
Here's a new face in the collection. A tidbit that I didn't know about him but that showed on his wikipedia entry was that he was a member of Canadian parliament for 4 years, all while still playing for the Leafs. That is even though it has been mentioned on some of his cards from the overlapping period.
I'm thinking they were supposed to sign in the diamond-ish shaped spot at the bottom of the card. I guess Lanny missed that memo. But it still pops nicely on the light-coloured portion of the background.

And there you have it! Thanks for these goodies Shane, especially the Red Kelly auto. I hope my PWE has found its way to you by now.


  1. Those Parkhurst autographs look excellent! Nice job, Shane.

  2. You're most welcome! Glad I could finally send something your way for a change, I was well overdue. Was hoping those Parkhurst autos would be a good fit, glad it turned out that they were.

  3. Those Parkhurst autographs are sweet. The green background works so well. Shane is the man with some of his recent mailings that I've seen or, been a part of.