Thursday 7 March 2019

2019 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Part 3 of 4

Let's start box #2.
Here, the box topper is a buyback.
This was the buyback card contained in the pack. I already looked to see if the number was a Shoebox Legends need, and it was.

Now, time for the regular packs!

Pack 25:
The first card out of the first pack in the second box? A 2/14 baby! Nick will probably be the only one to make appearances in 2019 releases, so I better get used to him!

Pack 26:
My first SP of Box #2.

Pack 27:
My first insert of the box. Another musical insert as well. At least there's no plane crash in this one.

Pack 28:
Mets content!

Pack 29:
And my box hit! I can't complain about landing Mets content on it!

Pack 30:
Another insert.

Pack 31:
Not only a short-print, but a chance to show off the great ASR trophy.

Pack 32:
Here's a short-print with bonus photoshop treatment.

Pack 33:
And one without the treatment necessary. There's the same backstop seen in yesterday's Hernan Perez card.

Pack 34:
Surprisingly, not a short-print.  Given that he spent several months with the Cubs last season, why does the cap still look like a bad photoshop job?

Pack 35:
Finally, I double up by highlighting two cards in a pack with my first Blue Jays card, and this Scratch Off insert in this box.

Pack 36:
I reach the 3/4 mark with a card where I'm more focused on the two people having a random conversation in the background than the player featured. Sorry, Yuli.

One more day of Heritage tomorrow!

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  1. A Briles buyback and a Bogaerts SP, that's my kind of box! ;-)