Friday 8 March 2019

2019 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Part 4 of 4

Heritage box breaking has to come to a close, and it will do so with these 12 packs.

Pack 37:
Blue Jays content is a nice way to start off the final batch of packs.

Pack 38:
This is Mets content. Sorta. It salutes a pair of strikeout leaders.

Pack 39:
Another insert.

Pack 40:
Sunny Dunedin and a pair of Blue Jays base cards.

Pack 41:
A pretty nice looking bat barrel card among the regular base cards.

Pack 42:
There's the first SP of this portion of the break. The Blue Jays warranted 5 Rookie Stars in this set. I assume deciding who went on the 3 player card and who went on the 2 player card involved slips of paper and a hat.

Pack 43:
A Mets card and a Jays card in the same pack! A PC pack?

Pack 44:
More Mets content! And you'll find Nimmo among the SP portion of the set.

Pack 45:
Another NAP insert.

Pack 46:
A black parallel, and it does look nice with the Rockies' uniforms and team colours. Although these aren't numbered, these set-wide parallels are supposedly /50.

Pack 47:
An Action parallel! Yes, that's what it says on the back. This is more accurately described as a player substitution RC SP parallel, with Tucker (who does have a shared Astros team card with Cionel Perez) replacing Joakim Soria in this.

Pack 48:
SP to end the boxes.

In terms of parallels and hits, the boxes were pretty average. In terms of collation, they were perfect. There were no dupes among the two boxes. No regular base dupes. No SP dupes. Nothing. What more could a set builder ask for. In fact, when combined with the cards from the handful of loose packs I'd picked up, there were only 5 cards I was missing from the 1-400 portion of the set.

Naturally, there are a pile of SPs I still need, but this will allow me to assault that portion more directly. I'll probably get that wantlist up over the next week or so.

There you have it!


  1. Do you need #466 Scooter Gennett or #494 Wil Myers? Drop me an email if you want either or both, putting together a long overdue package for you today and will throw both in if you need them!

  2. Wow, congrats on the lack of doubles! Successful boxes indeed!