Saturday 2 March 2019


Let's start the set build!

Pack 1:

And, my first Heritage card of 2019 is...
Ryan Braun!
I landed my first SP of 2019 as well with this Gleyber Torres. 1 down! 99 to go!
And the other cards.

Pack 2:
Opens up with my first Jays card of the set.
A former Blue Jay gets a photoshop treatment.
Your obligatory gaudy insert.
The other cards. That Nova really salutes 70s cards by looking like a 70s era airbrushing job.

Pack 3:
Is this my first Mets card of Heritage. Since DeGrom does occupy the most space on the card, I guess so.
And my first chrome card of the year. Sadly, these are already starting to bow somewhat. You'll be able to fly a plane under these by the end of the season.
The remainder of the pack.

Pack 4:
One more SP.
I'm not highlighting Fernando Rodney for the photo on the front...
But for the full stats on the back!
And here's the other 7 cards.

I'm expecting my boxes to show up on Monday, so I'll be digging into those and showing off the goodies next week.

And to leave you, enjoy some back-of-the-card-toons!

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