Wednesday 6 March 2019

2019 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Part 2 of 4

Let's wrap up the first box.

Pack 13:
I'm not too sure why they want to highlight a plane crash on a trading card, but I'm not Topps. The Mets card will make up for it.

Pack 14:
More Mets love in the next pack, along with a Chrome /999 parallel.

Pack 15:
The first packs are definitely Mets intensive, as here's an insert saluting his 2-hitter against the Padres.

Pack 16:
Just a regular pack with only base cards, so here's a nice look at the Diamondbacks shoulder patch.

Pack 17:
But, back to some more Mets content in this one, as I land the SP of DeGrom.

Pack 18:
Yet another SP drops off the eventual wantlist.

Pack 19:
And yet another with the Severino. I'm highlighting the Perez as well since I just love how the backstop frames the player's photo.

Pack 20:
Even more Mets content.

Pack 21:
If you're thinking of a perfect card for the #1 slot in any set, it is hard to argue against this decision.

Pack 22:
Mustache power!

Pack 23:
It took until the 23rd pack in the box to pull a T&N insert, but here we finally see one. The Span is a card that seems like it could be a photo variation, but it isn't.

Pack 24:
Ending on a cartoon. Since why not?

And there you have a box worth of Heritage. Pretty average in the whole scheme of things, with one more still to go. I'll start on that one tomorrow.


  1. Love that World Series celebration card! That's going at the top of my 2019 wantlist. Also, the Marhsall tragedy is an odd subject for a card. We Are Marshall was a good movie though. Maybe Topps should have done something more inspirational (or at least not shown the actual crash-just their stadium or something)

  2. You're doing alright so far. As long as you get minimal duplicates and end up with a small wantlist, you'll be fine. However, if you're going for the insert sets, that looks like that will be rather difficult (to say the least, lol).