Saturday 3 November 2018

Your 2018 Raptors

More group break goodies showing up, this time from the first NBA release of the new season. The Raptors did not have a draft pick this past draft, so the one benefit of that is they will be cheap in group breaks as a result. Undrafted rookie Deng Adel (with the G-League team) did have a card in contenders, and I'd love it if Montreal's Chris Boucher (two-way contract) gets a card in something.

But, that's enough of that. Let's see the team.
This is the base set. As I said when I busted a few packs, it is really nice to see some variety in the photo selection this year. I love the angle used on Anunoby's photo. My only beef - no Fred VanVleet base card yet. All his Raptors cards to date are autos, with his only non-hit cards being Wichita State cards from 16 Contenders.
Parallels! These purple ones would look even nicer if there was a photo of them wearing throwbacks with the Dino logo. I don't recall them wearing those last season, though.
Shiny OG to 199.
 My lowest numbered parallel was this green /99 of Kawhi. 97/99? Wearing #2? That's an ebay 1/1!
You want some more numbered cards? Here's some commemorating their first round victory over the Wizards. Only one more card to complete their playoff run!
Just a couple of inserts to wrap this post up. A punny card, but more importantly, the NBA City insert gives a great look at their alternate jersey.

And that's it! No autos, but the lack of any rookie made it a tougher pull. I'll take their 8-1 record so far as a consolation prize.

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