Friday 2 November 2018

Time for some Update

I finally got my hands on some Update. I haven't had time to hit the LCS for a Jumbo pack or two, so I'll stick to this hanger box from Wally World. In order to kill two birds with one stone, I'll also post the results from the Mets content in a group break.
Here's the vertical base cards.
And the horizontal ones. Looking at this group, I'm somewhat surprised to realize that Lagares didn't get a base card in the regular 2018 release.
I didn't get any of the parallels aside from this trio of golds.
1983s! I'm glad to add another Bautista Mets card to the collection. The two bottom cards came from the bonus packs, which were included in the break as well.
A speedy Met.
And a Legend.
And a hit. Sorta. Kinda. It's a Mets card. Manufactured or not. That ends the Mets portion of this post - off to the box.
Here's the first card of the box. A very update card with the former Oriole in new gear.
Some of my favourite photos in this box among the base cards. The Guzman wins the battle of photos in this one, since there's so few photos of the 1st baseman trying to beat the runner to the bag.
While 4 of the Mets from the group break doubled up, I only landed one Jays base card in the hanger.
But they also made an appearance when I got to the parallels. There's Brandon Drury, likely hoping that Vlad Jr requires one more season in the minors.
The final inserts. That Thome is a blue parallel, which if I remember correctly, were 1 every 6 hangers. I can see myself making the effort to getting the Vlad content among the HOF cards.

And there you have it!

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