Sunday 18 November 2018

Expo Recap Part 8

So, I bought a complete (Update) set.
After making the decision to go for a complete set of 2009-10 OPC, this did feel like a logical purchase alongside those boxes. While I'm likely not going to post anything from those packs (2 hobby boxes and 2 blasters mean way too much to post), covering this box seems just right.

As advertised, you get the 200 card regular set in this, alongside either 5 rainbow parallels, or two parallels and one relic card, with 1 in 5 sets containing that option.
I got the latter. That's back-to-back posts with a Derek Dorsett appearance. And the relic card is...
this one. That's a pretty stacked lineup of Bruins, even though I still think of Adam Oates as a Blue, despite spending a couple more years in Boston.

And the set. Two days worth and every card getting scanned.
The first 99 cards of this set go in a reverse alphabetical order. It allows one to play a fun game of "are these guys related" as you go through it. In the cases where I cared enough to google it, the answer was no.
Another fun game you can play is "This guy was still active in 2009?". I had no idea Sydor was still around in 2009, and got both a regular card and an update card.
Wayne Primeau is the "still active?" guy in this grouping, although unlike Sydor, he wasn't around for the regular set.
A Niedermayer Devils card. And it is not Scott? Trippy. I wish that the Antero had a better view of his mask as he brought the gangster theme to Tampa.
Finally, some Sens content! Michalek came to Ottawa in Dany Heatley trade.
Another Sens card here. The most I remember about Pascal Leclaire's tenure in Ottawa was his pads. Robert Lang was another guy who I didn't think was still around in 2009.
That's three straight groups of 8 with a Sens card in it.
Sometimes, the alphabetical order makes things interesting, as it picks up three straight Habs.
The Andrew Ebbett is a strange one, as the card acknowledges his movement to Minnesota, but also OPC's inability to find a photo of him in Wild colours. They'd find one for the 2010 release, but he'd be moved to the Coyotes, and would never get a perfect match of a Minnesota jersey and logo.

And you've got a 2/14 baby in there as well.
Another Sens card, as well as a Kitchener Rangers alum up top with Downie.
Yet another forgotten stint - Alex Auld with Dallas.
And there's the first 100 base cards in the set. The next 100 tomorrow.


  1. Very nice looking set and excellent pull on the triple relic, too. I counted eight Wolverines!

  2. That Top Draws relic is really cool. I'm gonna need to check out the checklist for that set.