Sunday 4 November 2018

Another Bills Sunday Post

This is three straight days with group break content (and 4 of 5) in my posts. As Khalil Mack awaits to feast on the Bills OL and Nathan Peterman, here's some Bills from Illusions.
The set's base card combines a current player with a previous star on the card. Which means I'm acquiring a 2018 product complete with a card featuring Willis McGahee. I landed a pair of the Allen/Kelly cards, so one for the Bills binder and one for the 2/14 collection. That's card #110 for Jim Kelly.
There were some Top 100 Panini bonus packs in the break as well. Here's an extra McCoy, who, for some reason, wasn't traded on Tuesday.
Here's a couple acetate inserts. One of a guy who might not play again for the Bills this season, and one of a guy who I expected that to be true several days back.
No hit in the Raptors post, but here's a nice one in the Bills portion of the mailer. I can't complain about the player selection either with this trio of early 90's glory. OK, maybe you could squeeze Bruce on the card as well. Still, this is a garish beauty of a card.

And there you have it. One more group break post to go after this. Featuring...the Cleveland Indians?!? Huh?!?


  1. Love the Legacies trio! That offense was stellar and fun to watch back in the day.

  2. I love the Illusions cards. I haven't picked up any Browns from this year's set.