Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Tin of Fail

I saw this at Walmart yesterday:
A marked down tin of a set I'm building! And on a per pack basis, probably what I spent for a full box at the Expo a month and a half ago. Sounds like a good idea!

Let's see who dropped of my set wantlist.
Matthew Lombardi drops off my list.

And nobody else.

At least all the Game Breakers inserts weren't dupes.
Ditto for the Stars on Ice inserts.
But I will end this on the only real good note from the whole tin - the oversized card was a new Spezza for my collection. So, there was at least that. Now I just need to free it safely from its plastic prison.

And I've got a tin to house the set, for which the cover highlights one of the worst trades the Leafs ever made. But, I can't really look at this as an good purchase on the whole.

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