Monday, 2 May 2016

10 If By Sportlots

Usually it is the 4 card point where sportlots shipping goes through the roof for mailing to Canada. For this dealer, it was the 10 card level. So, I awaited a 10 card PWE.
Starting off, not just a Bills card, but a Bills card with a gorgeous photo on it as well. Leonard Smith might be the featured player, but Rich Stadium looming in the background is the real star of this card.
From a beautiful non-game photo to a perfectly timed action photo as non only does Chris Chandler get sacked, but the ball is also very visibly get fumbled to the turf. This is one that I saw come up during COMC challenge that immediately went on my watch list.
And the remaining 8 were all 2/14 cards. Roy Barker makes the big jump up to 7 total cards in the collection. The first card, with the red foil, is the team issue parallel, while the gold one is the Hobby Reserve version. Muresan also makes a small jump here with his 36th and 37th card. The first one is the base Topps Chrome, while the other is a Hoops 5th anniversary parallel. But, my favourite in this group is easily another appearance of the Hefty Lefty himself, which will get a rare nod over binder favourite Jim Kelly.

And there you go.

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