Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Anatomy of a Complete Parallel Set - Part 2

And now, time for the next 50 cards in the set.

51 Phil Nevin - And we're off and running with a card of then quite hyped prospect. Until I looked closer at his career, he stuck around a lot longer than I thought, finishing his run in 2006.
52 Craig Biggio
53 Brian L. Hunter
54 Doug Drabek
55 Jeff Bagwell
56 Derek Bell
57 Mike Piazza
58 Raul Mondesi
59 Eric Karros
60 Mike Piazza - He might not be a Met yet, but I'll still highlight a Piazza card.
61 Ramon J. Martinez
62 Billy Ashley
63 Rondell White
64 Jeff Fassero
65 Moises Alou
66 Tony Tarasco
67 Rondell White
68 Pedro Martinez - There's all the Expos. Back when they had to specify which Pedro Martinez it was. The Expos were leading the league when the strike happened, so I guess they get 6 cards.
69 Bobby M. Jones
70 Bobby Bonilla
71 Bobby M. Jones
72 Bret Saberhagen - The Mets only ranked 4 cards among the base, but did get 3 rookies earlies on.
73 Darren Daulton
74 Darren Daulton
75 Gregg Jefferies
76 Tyler Greene
77 Heathcliff Slocumb
78 Lenny Dykstra
79 Jay Bell
80 Denny Neagle
81 Orlando Merced
82 Jay Bell - Nice cameo for Ozzie.
83 Ozzie Smith - And he goes back to back as he turns two in spring training.
84 Ken Hill
85 Ozzie Smith
86 Bernard Gilkey
87 Ray Lankford
88 Tony Gwynn
89 Ken Caminiti
90 Tony Gwynn - They do have a good variety of pictures in this, with an autograph signing shot.
91 Joey Hamilton
92 Bip Roberts - Is it still considered a Bipping when you do it yourself? Nice cameo here as well.
93 Deion Sanders - Here's a run I'd completely blanked on: Sanders as a Giant.
94 Glenallen Hill
95 Matt Williams
96 Barry Bonds
97 Rod Beck - Pitcher at the plate! And a Jagr-esque mullet.
98 Eddie Murray
99 Cal Ripken, Jr. - These two were the checklists.
100 Roberto Alomar - And it wraps up with the other subset in this, one with a post-season theme.

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  1. Yup, Rod Beck could have suited up with just about any NHL club and fit right in with that mullet.