Friday, 13 May 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 19.2 - Another Revisited Repack

And the second part of the repack - the stickers and the hits.
The photography for the stickers tends to be pretty generic. However, this Chara looks celebratory enough to qualify as a deviation from the norm. And it serves two purposes.
It allows me to lead with a base card, as opposed to these obnoxiously loud team logo stickers. Looking at my zistle list, it appears that through these sticker pack appearing in repacks, I've acquired almost 200 of the 270 that comprised this season's release. Yay?
The last repack of this that I busted contained a relic of Drew Stafford from this exact same insert set. That's back-to-back where the player in question is still active in the NHL at the time of posting.
Here's the base content from the BAP pack. Not too bad, as three of these cards hit my PCs. Potvin and Thibault are two of the more frequent members of the 90s portion of my masks binder, and Coffey is a Kitchener Rangers alum. The Vopat photo is also kinda interesting as well. Not bad. And one of these seven players made a re-appearance as the autograph:
Yves Racine would probably be best defined as a journeyman type player, but he was a staple of junk wax packs in the early 90s. His NHL career was just starting to wind down at this time, but he would continue on in Europe until the mid 2000s. So, not too bad of a pull.

And there you have another repack.

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  1. In not really a Flames collector but that is a really nice card of Backlund.