Tuesday 20 February 2024

A Rangers Round Up

 Sure, the team has returned to expectations of the preseason with a crash the past month or so, but that doesn't mean I can't show off my recent additions to the Kitchener Rangers binders. All of which were reasonably priced over on COMC because of e-packs.

Sure, he didn't last too long with the team, and these Top Imports are his only cards here, but when you put up a 65 save performance in a game, that will make you worthy of an appearance in an insert set that includes the name "Top". Even if this card was probably planned/released before that night.

I still don't know what they were going for with this Pitter Patter insert. But a card from an insert set that doesn't make any sense to me still counts as a binder addition.
I guess a good thing about a player showing up in pretty much every set means plenty of opportunities to add his cards to the binder. That's a sunrise parallel out of Allure. There were Sunset parallels the previous season, which does seem like a backwards way of releasing parallels with that name.
Plain white swatch!
While I do have an actual autograph of HOFer Bill Barber in the collection, now I have a facsimile to go alongside it.
A couple of autographs out of mid/high range releases. I'm guessing somebody hoping for something a little higher end wasn't the happiest getting these out of their e-packs. I'll take advantage and grab them at a nice price. Damiani is still doing the minor league thing in the Dallas organization, while Sherwood does appear to be out of hockey at this point. At least the former did get a goal in his handful of games in Dallas.
Long live the deep checklist of 20-21 Signature Legends! Even if your average breaker wouldn't be too elated to get this as one of their box hits, I still love going through the cards over at COMC, and being surprised at people who made appearances in a set in the 2020s. It was very much like looking at cards in 2013 Hometown Heroes. 

And there you have it!

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