Saturday 24 February 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 7 - Cubism

 These have returned to the Wally World Shelves!

I've never been one to refuse a returning repack type! 
But we already have an issue! That's only 6 packs! No problem!
I'll just call an audible and add in a pack I busted a while ago but never showed off. I busted it so long ago the upper corner of the package has vanished!
There wasn't too much variety in the 50 assorted cards. More than half of them came from the complete base set of MVPs. The added snow on the card is definitely a choice, like if 2016 Topps' design elected to have the smoky borders originate at the player's crotch.
Another dozen of the cards were from 21-22 Extended. At least there was one insert for variety, if not for photo quality. 
And the final dozen were from a Rookie themed box set. Some nice names in this group as well, even if they aren't considered rookie cards by some. And this provided me with my first Sens card of the cube, with sports-betting fan Shane Pinto appearing.

As for the packs, something must be wrong with me - I scanned everything.
Not exactly a bunch of future NHLers in this specific CHL pack. Only Bitten and Leschyshyn have seen NHL action. Aside from that...errr...the Kootenay Ice have a nice logo. And the Peterborough Petes jerseys shouldn't have any other dark colour outside of the purple. Why mess with greatness? 

21-22 UD! Just as dull in Series 2 form as in Extended form.
Parkhurst might have been pretty dull, but at least not every photo was a generic, rink-side, full-body photograph. The silver Oshie is kinda nice, mainly because those retail parallels weren't available on epack.
Why am I scanning all of the MVP packs? At least there's no snow crotch on these! And there's my second and final Sens card of the break. The Ice Battles card does seem to be part of some sort of card game, but I don't really care enough to figure it out.
I have no idea who Jack Lafontaine is, beyond being a two-game rookie that got a card out of the deal. But then, while checking to see if he played any NHL games since then (nope), I saw he did spend some time at the University of Michigan, meaning that two of the cards in this pack will be bound for Ann Arbor at some point. Jack would leave one U of M for another, likely inspired by Peter Graves to the University of Minnesota.
"I'm Peter Graves!"
In an interesting bit of pack collation, both silver parallels I pulled from these packs featured TJ Oshie.
Finally, the SP retail pack. At least with the wiped backgrounds, you almost don't care that the photos themselves are incredibly dull.

But there you have it!

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