Saturday 17 February 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 5: Hanger and a Hit


And I'm back digging into repacks-to-be-posted box again with one of these. And that's a really solid starter card with someone that's really been becoming one of the top players in the league the past few season, even if he's doing so in one of the more anonymous markets.
At this point, the Skybox effects on the ball had started to become a little cheesy as opposed to something nifty. That corner on the Dale Ellis makes it look like a sticker from the time where we required specific instructions on how to peel the sticker off the back to place it into the album.

(Speaking of albums, if anybody could hook me up with a 2019-20 Panini NBA sticker album, whether it is brand new, or even with a couple pre-stuck stickers, it's on my wantlist since I've completed the set and am now looking for a home for all of them)
With the hit removed from the conversation, I don't really expect anything other than base cards in these, so getting a pair of Pulsar parallels out of 2019 Hoops Premium Stock is definitely a pleasant surprise. Also, with his second appearance, this becomes an Olden Polynice hot pack.
The hit is of the late Adreian Payne. Relic cards of people who have passed on seem creepy to me, but only if the item was produced after their death. It just gives the feeling of someone poking through dead people's stuff that has been dumped at a thrift store looking for bargains. Naturally, this doesn't apply to this since it was obviously made during his playing days.
Some nice star power here with David Robinson (and a Horace Grant cameo to put his appearances at 2  in this repack as well). Also, all 4 of those Fleer cards have been from the Update set. 
And the finale. 

Not the best repack ever, but all I ask from these is that I get an enjoyable experience busting the pack. And that's what I got. 

There you have it!

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