Tuesday 14 November 2023

Recapping Rangers

 Expo post #2, showing off some Kitchener Rangers alumni today.

And what better way to start off than a food issue card? Better yet, it features Canada's national dish, alongside poutine. It is a personal bonus for me as well, since most of the Reinhart content in my collection are Calgary cards. A nice scissor-job as well for the removal from the box.
With this quartet of cards, Paul Coffey wins the day in terms of volume with these. Nice team variety, and nice set variety as well. It also means back-to-back posts where the cityscape of Edmonton has been worked into at least one of the cards.
And that 1990 is a Tiffany Edition as well!
All over the place for the second HOFer in this post as well, SP, Pinnacle and Complete. The Pinnacle is also a Premium Stock parallel, gving the second card in this post with an illusion of the upper class around it.
Here's some cards from this year's releases. Considering he missed all of last season and will miss all of this season, I'm honestly surprised he's turned up in any 23-24 set at all. 
Although I could have looked at my TCDB lists at the time, I elected not to, since it really wasn't worth the effort since I really wasn't buying anything high-end enough to be panicky over dupes. So, here's a card with a swatch.

And here's one with two swatches as the finale.

There you have it! The Rangers were the only team collection, so to speak, that I really loaded up on. So I'll get to everything else team related next time.

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  1. That Reinhart Kraft card is a beauty! Now I want one.