Wednesday 1 November 2023

Jays via Michigan


Another trip into the 2/14 mailer today, and some goodies of the Toronto baseball variety to show off.

There was almost a complete set of 1995 Collectors Choice in the package, but a perfect size for a scanner bed. Only a Paul Molitor short!
It was all over the place for the rest of the mailer, and I'm just fine with the randomness of that. That Olerud would be abrasively loud even by today's standards of parallels, so I can't imagine the reaction some might have to pulling it 30 years ago.
Colour match parallels are always the best parallels. And team logo backgrounds are always the best choice if a background is wiped.
And here's a bunch of inserts/parallels to wrap up the vertical portion of the post. 
The horizontal portion was small, but interesting. That's Matt Dermody's only big league card - kinda sucks for him that he has to share it. At least Barnes got some Bowman solo appearances. Joe Carter takes us back to the wonderful time in the 90s before Fleer got obnoxiously loud.
Start with larger than usual card - end with one.
Bonus cartoons!

There you have it!

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