Sunday 5 November 2023

Gridiron Retail


A couple hanger/value packs from Wally World, picked up separately. The Elite has been around for longer, so I'm starting with it.

Here's the opener. Out of pretty much any Panini retail product I've opened lately, this might have the most veteran base cards I've seen. 27 out of that 100 card portion of the set. But if you're building that, these packs are perfect for you.
But that did get me a couple Bills cards. 
And that provided an opportunity to pull base cards of both Bosas in the same pack.
And if you're going to get a lot of non-rookie base cards, there's bound to be some stars, from either the offensive side or the defensive side among them.
In fact, the only rookie, and the only insert I'd see was among the pink parallels. If I'm only getting one insert in a pack, make it a parallel!
And what I didn't get from the Elite was made up for in Mosaic, with almost half of the cards being either an insert or a parallel. 
First card out indicates there will be some interesting content for the base set among retired player content.
2nd card out is a Bills HOFer! WOO-HOO!
The rest of the base. Stroud rookie? Not bad at all.
Here's the first of the parallels - the basic Mosaic version.
And a green parallel.
And your promised Pink Camo parallels. I'd guess that at least at the start of the season, Fields would be the biggest name among all these shiny cards, but still, shiny is shiny.
And here's some inserts. I thought it might be the parallel design making it look off on the Touchdown Masters card. Nope. Even the base version of these inserts look like sentient bobbleheads.

But there you have it!

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