Tuesday 18 April 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 13: Drugstore Cardboy

A couple of those hanger packs from Shoppers Drug Mart are today's repacked packs. 

The 2003-04 Pacific were really nice for adding some cards to my pre-lost season masked binder. Steve Sheilds' salute to Gerry Cheevers is my favourite in this grouping - and is the promised parallel in the pack. It is the most common red version. Ending with a pair of HOFers isn't too bad of a way to end 8 cards.

Since I'm keeping the Shields, I might as well land something to be sent off to Ann Arbor with that Larkin set aside. Other than that, there's a shiny appearance from a local guy in Mark Schiefele, and the national flags in the corner is a nice little touch.
The other Pacific pack provides an insert. These very boring 'Main Attraction' ones are 1:10. Other than that, another mask binder card, and another HOFer. 
And our pack of National Hockey Card Day. The most recent was just this past weekend. I'll show off the contents of that pack on some random day where I'm too bored to write much. I've included the checklist, because, while the veteran/legend portion was solid, that rookie portion hasn't aged very well.  3 have no cards (yet) in 22-23 releases with one spending the past season in the KHL. Ouch.

But there you have it!

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  1. Those Pacific cards look very nice which makes sense because they had some very nice designs around that time. Thanks for the Larkin sticker!